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"Kate is a dedicated educator and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She has been tutoring my second grader in both reading and math for several months and her tailored approach has significantly improved his skills and confidence in each subject. Kate fosters a positive learning environment, making the sessions enjoyable for my son while still remaining focused on achieving academic progress. I am truly grateful for the impact she has made on my child’s education!"


"When my daughter missed a year of school, Kate did way more than get her caught up. Kate joined with our daughter to help her feel competent, proud, and willing to take on math challenges she'd been avoiding. Kate was loving, kind, and a great blend of discipline with fun."

— JT, parent 01/2024


"Kate is my daughter’s teacher this year and we love her! She teaches with care and compassion and really takes the time to listen to her students. I also really appreciate the time she takes to communicate my daughter’s strengths and challenges to me. My daughter has made great improvements to her reading and writing this year thanks to Kate’s teaching."

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